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This category is about team delivery of FM, planning and executing effective service strategies, team building, collaboration and successful operating performance, achieving outstanding results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

From the Lead Judge, Bob Parkin

Bob Parkin This award is in recognition of the team of FM professionals who are an inspiration to our industry, who bring credit to their own organisation and add sustainable value to their customers’ business.

The high performance team is driven by blending an effective mix of skills and functions, backed up by training and staff development, with a thorough engagement in the customers’ requirements. The successful team has a vibrant dynamic and a deep-rooted service ethic. Collaboration, co-operation and constant innovation are also hallmarks of success. We are looking for evidence that these elements are in place and frequently developed for the benefit of their customers.

Entry guidance

Entries should provide an introductory statement to outline their working situation, their industry and to describe the nature and structure of their team and how this has been developed to serve their customers’ organisation. This should include some indication of what strategic planning and execution has been included in their service to the customer. Also what day-to-day issues and solutions are being provided and how these evolve over time to meet the satisfaction of the customer.

There should be a further statement to focus upon how the team works in collaboration and co-operation a) with each other and b) with their customer. This statement should also demonstrate how the team members work together to deliver an exceptional customer experience and service.

There should be a further statement to explain the reasons why this team should be recognised as the ‘Team of the Year’ and why your people are the best in the industry.

Your entry should also explain how innovation has been incorporated within the team culture, how this is being delivered and recognised by your customers. This should include some examples (at least two) of key initiative(s) that form(s) the basis of your entry and which demonstrate the impact that the initiative(s) has/have had on your own organisation, on your customer and, where applicable, on the wider FM industry.

The judges expect to see objective evidence of how strategy has been implemented resulting in sustainable results, how engagement with customers’ objectives have been implemented and how effective delivery of service is realised. Judges want to see evidence that the team has delivered outstanding achievements with regards to, for example: corporate responsibility, diversity, customer service, risk management, financial and commercial management and leading edge FM practices.


> Must be a team of two or more people engaged in day-to-day facilities management delivery.
> Teams can be from the private or public sector.
> Teams can be in-house, supplier or a mixture of the two.
> Entries must provide evidence of planning and executing customer service requirements.

Judging criteria

The following must be demonstrated in the submission:

> Evidence that demonstrates your strategic vision and objectives are aligned to the customers’ core business requirements.

> Evidence of tangible results (quality/financial/service improvement) that demonstrates your service is achieving sustainable improvements and has been effectively delivered by the team.

> Your people strategy with evidence of talent management, succession planning, diversity, reward and development of the team’s expertise.

> How the team has achieved results through continuous improvement, innovation and leading edge practices.

> Evidence of customer satisfaction with examples of how the team has delivered service excellence including how lessons learnt are used to improve the customer experience.

> The impact the team has had on the wider FM community and sustainability initiatives.

> A brief explanation of why you believe your team should win the Team of the Year Award, clearly identifying how the team has delivered exceptional results through working collaboratively.

The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.

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