The Team of the Year Award focusses on the contribution the team makes to their employer, their client and their community. The winning entry is likely to demonstrate excellence and commitment to innovation, staff development and continual learning. The impact the team has on the delivery of FM will build confidence and radiate capability, acting as a role model for the FM profession.

This category is about team delivery, planning and executing effective service strategies, team building, collaboration and successful operating performance, achieving outstanding results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The award is in recognition of the team of FM professionals who are an inspiration to our industry, who bring credit to their own, or their customer’s organisation, demonstrating significant commitment over and above the day to day operations and business as usual.

From the Lead Judge, Bob Parkin

Bob ParkinIt is a delight to judge this category because it covers the widest range of skills, service and behaviours that can be delivered within the FM profession. Each entry will bring unique circumstances into sharper focus; engaging with entrants offers an unrivalled insight into what is happening across the industry.

This category is important to the profession because collaboration and co-operation, blended with customer service to deliver the whole package of value for customers is essential in FM. We love to see this put into effective practice.

From the 2018 entrants I am hoping to see high performing teams demonstrating evidence that they are blending an effective mix of skills and functions. These will be backed up by training and staff development, with a thorough engagement and service ethic matched to customer requirements.

To win this category will mean that their hard work and commitment has been recognised and proven as the best of the industry; this will be recognised by the wider profession.

Who should enter? 

Teams must consist of 2 or more people engaged in day to day facilities management delivery for in-house, service provider, supplier and independent organisations from the private or public sector. Entries must provide evidence of team structure, planning and executing customer service requirements and results of their delivery.


Application Questions 

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Organisation and Context: Please describe your team, who you are, include a brief summary of your working environment, what your key objectives are and how these align to your customer and business requirements. Have any changes been introduced to ensure these requirements are met? Please provide evidence of collaborative relationships and integration within and across the team and the customer. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)
  3. Evidence of Success: Explain how the business plan was effective. Please provide evidence of tangible results that demonstrate your strategic business plan has been effectively adopted and delivered by the team. Please include evidence of sustainable results in the following areas: commercial, quality and environmental. Provide data that supports improvement in customer satisfaction. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)
  4. People and Team Building: Demonstrate that you have an effective people strategy, with evidence of talent management, investment in team members, succession planning, diversity, reward and recognition, and development of the team’s expertise. Please include evidence of team work and collaboration. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)
  5. Continuous Improvement: Please provide evidence that your team has achieved results through continuous improvement and leading-edge practices. What programme is in place, how is this embedded in the organisation’s culture? Please include examples of recent ideas that have been implemented. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)
  6. Community and Industry Impact: Please describe the impact your team has had on the community and the wider industry and indicate the level or extent of investment in these initiatives. Summarise briefly any results from your community/industry projects. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)
  7. Why you should win the Team of the Year Award: Please provide a brief explanation of why you believe your team should win the Team of the Year Award. (Question is worth 16.6% of the overall score)

The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.


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