Recycling Lives, was named Impact on Society Winner at the 2017 BIFM Awards.

Recycling Lives is one of the fastest-growing waste management companies in the UK thanks to its ability to provide “soft” facilities management solutions and a “one-stop- shop” solution to its clients, including increasing diversion from landfill, reducing risks, meeting compliance, maximising budgets and providing tangible CSR initiatives to clients via its charitable activities.

The charity is a social welfare charity that works to rehabilitate offenders through a variety of schemes, including supporting employment and accommodation to tackle homelessness and redistributing food to deliver surplus food to those in need in order to tackle food poverty.

In 2015/16, Recycling Lives delivered more than £4.1 million of social value within the UK, thanks to the buy-in and support of its clients, and maintains a commitment to creating social value equal to or greater than 10% of Recycling Lives Ltd.’s annual sales.

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Here’s Recycling Lives’ winning interview from the BIFM Awards’ ceremony  2017.

For 2018 this award recognises exceptional benefit to society created and delivered by a facilities management team through excellent FM practice or as part of a social responsibility initiative. The judges will be seeking evidence of the positive impact made on the social fabric of a community or the well-being of individuals or families.

This impact should relate to the design of a service, the adoption of a policy, the implementation of a project, or some other initiative designed to benefit society. It should benefit the well-being of individuals, the economic health of communities, the quality of the local environment, or be assisting in the alleviation of a specific social problem.

As the category’s Lead Judge, Martin Pickard suggests: “This is a really important category because we know that great FM makes a big difference to the people it touches, but the FM sector doesn’t get enough credit for the benefit we bring to society and the economy.

My judging team will be seeking demonstrable evidence of exceptional benefit to society created and delivered by an FM team over a sustained period. The winner of this award will be celebrated as the leading exemplar of the exceptional work that dedicated FM teams are doing up and down the country.”

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