This Award is open to FM teams, organisations and partnerships of up to 49 employees from any sector to demonstrate how innovation in professional development has made a significant contribution to FM within the organisation. It is designed to reward innovative practice in professional development for small FM teams within larger, end-user organisations, or for small to medium FM companies. The scope extends to all forms of professional development.

Successful entrants will demonstrate:

> A strategic approach to professional development that links individual and team performance to the overall strategy of your organisation

> A programme tailored to the specific needs and the changing organisational priorities faced by the team

> Evidence of the links between your investment in professional development and the realisation of individual, team or organisational potential

> How your programme has attracted people into the FM sector

> How your development activities differentiate your organisation in the FM market

From the Lead Judge, Anne Kinder

I am very excited to be joining the Lead Judging Team for the prestigious BIFM Awards and even more so as I will be leading a new Award Category for 2018.

The benefits of professional development for individuals, teams, whole organisations and our communities are well documented, and I know from personal experience how an innovative approach to development can make a real difference.  The formation of this category will undoubtedly highlight the value that small & medium organisations and more modest FM teams bring to the FM market, and I am hugely excited at the potential quality this category has to offer.

The team will this year be looking for some truly innovative professional development programmes that have delivered significant value to FM teams of up to 49.  We will be looking for the winning entrant to demonstrate creative and unique programmes that have proven benefits.

Who should enter?

Entries are welcomed for professional development innovation for small FM teams within larger, end-user organisations, or for small to medium FM companies. Your team may be in-house, a supplier or a small specialist service provider, or a combination of employees working in partnership.

Please note that this award focuses on the size of the FM team, not the size of the organisation as a whole.

Application Questions 

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Please explain the long-term organisational strategic commitment to a culture of innovative professional development, how the strategy was developed, how it is delivered and how it aligns to your organisation’s goals and objectives. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  3. What were the reasons behind the choice of programme elements, how were innovative solutions developed, employed and evaluated? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  4. How was your programme delivered and how do you sustain innovation? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  5. Please explain, with evidence including feedback and testimonials from team members and key stakeholders, how the professional development strategy contributes to individual and organisational success. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  6. What evidence is there of the wider benefits and implications for our industry? How can you demonstrate this? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)

The written submission for this category is worth 40% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 60%.

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