2018 Finalists

This Award is open to FM teams, organisations and partnerships from any sector, to demonstrate how innovation in professional development has made a significant contribution to the organisation. It is designed to reward innovative practise in professional development.

Finalists in the Innovation in Professional Development category of the BIFM Awards 2018 are:

GWS Connect – a new way of onboarding, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

In 2015, CBRE’s Corporate Services team and two other FM providers joined together to create CBRE Global Workplace Solutions (GWS). The new business spanned 77 countries and employed 14,000 people, and was dramatically different to the original, largely UK-based, operations.

With a greater geographic scope and a more diverse workforce, some of the processes for attracting, welcoming and retaining new talent needed to change. The Learning & Development team proposed an innovative, technology enabled, engaging onboarding experience, which would support the company’s goal of being an employer of choice.

First, the onboarding experience was divided into four stages, instead of one:
2.Inform and engage
3.Welcome and motivate
4.Live the brand

The team then developed ‘GWS Connect’, a mobile app and microsite designed to put company culture and information at people’s fingertips. GWS Connect provides engaging videos and news articles, onboarding checklists, social media feeds, internal vacancy lists, and a photowall, for employees to post their own updates and news.

The new onboarding process was implemented just over two years ago, and has been used by more than 5,000 people. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the process is now being extended across CBRE’s global business.



FMP Event

The FM & Property Event puts knowledge and peer-to-peer networking at the centre of our positioning. A unique learning environment balancing FM professionals with the FM service sector and academic professors.

The aim of the FMP Event is to share ideas and challenges, so attendees can walk away excited about the industry with great ideas to take back to the office.

GB Intelligence spends a significant amount of effort in ensuring that the right solution providers are chosen in order to cater to the FM and Property market, meaning that the event is truly information based and specifically caring about the progression of the FM and property industry. We firmly believe that there should be a much stronger focus on knowledge sharing and strategic partnerships in order to work towards a greater future and to support/promote the industry through effective solutions and partnerships. The FMP Event is where ideas are shared and challenges discussed impacting on the way we work and live. Our programme is specifically put together by industry leaders allowing peers to learn from each other’s experiences and guide one another from lessons learnt.




Putting people at the heart of professional development, Skanska

Skanska’s four values are at the heart of its business and ‘Be Better – Together’ is one of these. This helps to create a culture that encourages the right working environment where people help each other to learn, develop and improve.

Skanska needs to remain an attractive employer within in the FM sector, to continue the successful work it does and to retain its current employees as well as attract new talent. Our people are what makes the business a success and they need the right working environment and culture to prosper and grow.
This culture is based on all four of our values, ‘Care for Life’, ‘Act Ethically and Transparently’, ‘Be Better – Together’ and ‘Commit to Customers’. By living by these, we are creating a diverse and inclusive environment to work in, a safe workplace, delivering the best outcomes for our customers and working together to share our knowledge and expertise, making the most of everyone’s talents.
Skanska encourages people to continually learn and develop, not only by sharing knowledge across the FM business, but across the UK and global businesses too.
We understand that if we engage with our employees we can strive to always deliver a high performance, either individually or as a team. We have a robust training programme in place, which provides internal and external opportunities to attend training courses that are relevant to an employees’ role.





Premier Technical Services Group PLC

PTSG has always invested heavily in professional development, understanding the value to its engineers and the effectiveness of its teams, as well as the wider contribution to the FM industry.
To this end, in 2015 the company invested £1million in a dedicated training centre, coinciding with the appointment of Group Assessor, Paul Campbell. As other companies come to grips with a worsening skills shortage, PTSG already has a proven training system in place to ensure a steady supply of skilled engineers as its portfolio continues to grow apace.
Over the last two years, PTSG has become a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), helping more young people to enter the FM industry and improving the standard of work it offers to its customers. Thanks to the highly competitive nature of the FM industry, the Group believes that these improved levels of quality and safety have also boosted standards in other companies, as they have no choice but to meet the bar that has been set, no matter how high.
The investment has also fostered an incredibly positive environment for PTSG’s people, equipping them with the skills they need to reach their career goals confidently and safely, with outstanding feedback from engineers across the Group.




From the Lead Judge, Anne Kinder

It is such a privilege to be joining the Lead Judging Team for our prestigious BIFM Awards and especially so as I will be leading a new Award Category for 2018.

The benefits of Professional Development for individuals, teams, whole organisations and our communities are well documented.  Our profession is focussed on services delivered by people and so these benefits are especially relevant.

In 2018 my Team will be looking for some truly innovative Professional Development programmes that have delivered significant value. We will be looking for the winning entrant to demonstrate creative and unique programmes that have proven benefits.


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