2018 Finalists

This award recognises new talent in the profession, identifying individuals who have made a significant impact on the provision of FM services within the first three years of their FM career.

The winner will be an ambassador for the FM profession, be passionate and committed to CPD and promoting FM as a career of choice having gained the respect of their colleagues and leaders within their organisation. They will be knowledgeable about the issues that FM faces and proactive in driving FM in the future.

Finalists in the Newcomer of the Year category of the BIFM Awards 2018 are:

Bryony Wellman, ENGIE UK

Bryony Wellman joined ENGIE in 2015 as a graduate management trainee. She has worked on four contracts during this time and is currently managing a team of 10, providing hard FM services to seven health care buildings. She has demonstrated a strong passion for, and commitment to, her work and the service delivered to clients – giving 100% or her time and energy to every tasks she faces.

Bryony places great emphasis on supporting and developing her team, underpinned by her marked ability to influence and lead through engagement with people. This is clearly illustrated by the positive impact she has made on her current contract.

Her other achievements include the development of information packs for potential recruits and an electronic ‘how to’ guide for graduate trainees. She also led the first ENGIE team in the Princes Trust Million Makers initiative, raising over £26,000 and winning the regional award for impact.

In summary, Bryony’s passion for her work, and the enthusiasm that engenders in her, have won her the respect of clients and colleagues alike.



Millie Evans, Mace Macro

Millie first came to Mace Macro in 2015, when she joined the graduate programme after finishing her undergraduate degree in Management and Entrepreneurship.

An impressive young FM professional, delivering a high standard of service, Millie has taken on many challenges and utilised every opportunity that has been given to her at Mace Macro. Through her experiences within the graduate programme, Millie has developed a wealth of knowledge and gained the respect of her peers.

She has worked across a number of projects within the business, and during her time as Mobilisation Coordinator, Millie gained both European and Global mobilisation experience with a number of key clients. Her role as a communication champion offered involvement in communications both through one-to-one training with new team members and group communications across regions, meaning Millie has had experience working in dispersed teams, developing strong relationship management abilities across borders.

Millie has shown drive and professionalism delivering on a key, iconic project within London, showcasing her management skills and dedication to the client. Her attention to detail and commitment to maintaining standards sits well alongside her clear understanding of the industry, and as such Millie shows great potential for future growth and leadership.


Paul McNally, VINCI Facilities

Paul McNally established himself as a pioneering leader within VINCI Facilities. He’s an avid ambassador for the FM sector, working tirelessly to develop talent, share best practice and promote FM as a powerful strategic business function.

After a 14-year career in the services industry, Paul has been an active member of the FM world and is currently the Facilities Manager on our St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital contract.

Paul has developed numerous systems that are transforming delivery standards; a career highlight, was the development of ‘VICCI’ – an innovative work order monitoring system that provides customisable, real-time, fully-automated, interactive displays with visual and auditory alerts.

Paul’s passion for moving the industry forwards, has seen him inspire and nurture the next generation of FM leaders. He formally mentors three junior team members, encouraging them to join a range of research and knowledge sharing exercises, whilst supporting their development.
Paul’s desire to learn led him to embark on the BIFM-accredited BSc (Hons) degree in Facilities Management, due to be completed later this year. Paul has received staff awards internally and from clients; he is also part of VINCI Facilities’ leadership development programme, designed to fast-track the career of high-potential individuals within the business.


Shiloh Johal, Bellrock

Shiloh Johal is an account co-ordinator.  He joined Bellrock, the technology-enabled facilities management services business, with no previous experience in FM.  He finds the blend of analysis and customer service along with the opportunity to learn the technical side of the job extremely interesting and exciting.  He has built excellent relationships with both the client and their supply chain and is proud of the difference he has made to the management and performance of the contract.  Having rolled out the Concerto software platform for his clients he understands how software can affect more efficient solutions and the data analysed for informed decision-making.

Bellrock has a team of 700 property and facilities professionals located at 70 sites across the UK working on behalf of our clients with access to 700 accredited suppliers. Enabled by the market-leading Concerto software, clients use their workplace as a lever for efficiency and productivity gains.   Bellrock offers workplace and compliance, technical and real estate, maintenance and engineering and software services in the corporate, government, retail and leisure, education and healthcare sectors.  The recent acquisition of five new companies has extended the portfolio of advisory and delivery services in the property and technical sectors.


From the Lead Judge, Deborah Rowland

Deborah Rowland

The team of judges and I are seeking to uncover our future, passionate and dynamic leaders and what innovations they can contribute to the world of FM. They will be the individuals who, through a fresh pair of eyes, strive to drive the profession forward and raise the bar in FM.

We will be looking for ambassadors for FM; recognising the most dynamic, influential new thinkers and performers, who can help attract further talent to the industry by demonstrating what can be achieved in FM. Identifying and nurturing these people early in their career will provide the industry with a bright future.

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