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This award recognises new talent in the profession, identifying individuals who have made a significant impact on the provision of FM services to their organisation(s) within the first three years of their FM career.

To be the winner of the BIFM Newcomer of the Year, our entrants will be able to articulate their contribution and demonstrate their achievements to date. Evidencing real innovation, original progressive and challenging thinking in the delivery of FM service solutions and showing real understanding of the impact that FM services delivery has on the business that they serve.

The winner will be an ambassador for the FM profession, be passionate and committed to CPD and promoting FM as a career of choice and will have already gained the respect of their colleagues, managers and leaders within their organisation.  They will be knowledgeable and informed about the issues that FM faces today and about driving, shaping and influencing FM in the future.

From the Lead Judge, Deborah Rowland

Deborah Rowland

This award is all about identifying our future talent to enable us to continue to grow the profession and raise the bar in FM. It seeks to uncover the most passionate and dynamic newcomers who have something to contribute to the profession.

There is no age restriction but entrants will have no more than three years’ experience at the time of submitting their entry. Whatever their path into starting their FM career, whether through an apprenticeship or having joined an in-house team or service provider at operational entry level. This award recognises the contribution and impact on the delivery of FM services that newcomers are having. We are looking to showcase and celebrate the best talent and future leaders that will influence and shape FM in the coming years.

Entry guidance

Judges will be looking for the most dynamic, influential new thinkers and performers. With a passion and love of FM and a drive to succeed with real evidence of business driven solutions and outcomes.

Entrants will be able to show their impact and achievements to date with evidence based examples and demonstrable results; showcasing original thinking in developing and implementing solutions to enhance FM service delivery. Entrants will show a real understanding of the impact that their achievements and FM performance has on the business objectives of their organisation and customers.

Judges will be looking for confidence, self-awareness and an understanding of their personal impact, influence and relationships within their team, and recognition from the management and leadership of their organisation and or client organisations.
The candidates will have ambassadorial and future leadership qualities with a connection to the wider FM community, through conversation, commentary and participation in social media, networking events and sharing of opinions and knowledge.


The applicant must be a new entrant into the FM profession with no more than three years’ experience within it. Professionals from any type of organisation, age, level can apply but must have an FM role and relevant responsibilities.

Judging criteria

The following must be demonstrated in the submission:

> Quality of the formal submission: performance success, employer and team support and personal statement.

> Commitment to FM as a career of choice: passion for FM/career path to date. Depth and breadth of experience and understanding of FM. Understanding and opinion on the issues facing FM now and in the future. Commitment to CPD, involvement and input to wider FM community: professional bodies and networking.

> Impact to organisation and key achievements: evidence of contribution to business objectives (client and or FM organisation). Influence on FM service delivery. Evidence of results and outcomes. Innovation and original thinking in service delivery.

> Future leader and personal impact: impact on people around them. Career aspirations and plan to develop into a future leader in the industry. Innovation in use of technology and adding value in service delivery. Connection and participation in wider FM community

Submissions should include:

> A summary of the candidate’s career path to date

> The candidate’s personal statement

> You may also wish to include a letter of support from the candidate’s employer

> Other letters of support regarding the impact that the candidate has made and why they are worthy of the award – these could be from professional associations, clients, colleagues, academia etc.
The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.


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