This category is free to enter and nominations are accepted. 

This award recognises new talent in the profession, identifying individuals who have made a significant impact on the provision of FM services within the first three years of their FM career.

The winner will be an ambassador for the FM profession, be passionate and committed to CPD and promoting FM as a career of choice having gained the respect of their colleagues and leaders within their organisation. They will be knowledgeable about the issues that FM faces and proactive in driving FM in the future.

Entrants will be able to evidence their impact and achievements to date with examples and demonstrable results; showcasing original thinking in developing and implementing solutions to benefit their organisation.

Judges will be looking for confidence, self-awareness and an understanding of their personal impact, influence and relationships within their team, and recognition from the management of their organisation and / or client organisations.


From the Lead Judge, Deborah Rowland

Deborah Rowland

The team of judges and I are seeking to uncover our future, passionate and dynamic leaders and what innovations they can contribute to the world of FM. They will be the individuals who, through a fresh pair of eyes, strive to drive the profession forward and raise the bar in FM.

We will be looking for ambassadors for FM; recognising the most dynamic, influential new thinkers and performers, who can help attract further talent to the industry by demonstrating what can be achieved in FM. Identifying and nurturing these people early in their career will provide the industry with a bright future.


Who should enter?

Applicants should be an individual working within the field of FM and can be from an in-house client team or an FM service provider. The applicant must be a new entrant into the FM profession with no more than three years’ experience within it.

Application Questions

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Demonstrate your passion and commitment to FM as a career of choice, including what personally drives you to succeed in FM. Show your commitment to continuous learning and development, CPD, involvement with professional FM bodies, your use of social media to promote the profession and your career path to date. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  3. Comment on the future of the FM industry, what are the key issues facing FM what does it look like going forward. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  4. Provide evidence of your impact on your organisation (employer or client), your influence on service delivery and your key achievements in contributing to business objectives demonstrating the outcomes. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  5. Demonstrate your ability to be a future leader; your personal impact and ambassadorial capability, including impacts on people around you. How you have supported developing others in their career, what are your career aspirations and your plans to take this forward. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  6. Describe innovation and original thinking in service delivery, including innovation is the use of technology to deliver FM services. How do you see technology evolving and shaping the future of the profession? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)

Additional requirements

The following documents should be included in your upload, these should be included in the 10-page limit.

> A brief CV

A minimum of one supporting letter from your employer and/or client

> An organisational chart identifying your role

BIFM Ambassador 

The 2018 Newcomer of the Year will become an ambassador for BIFM and for the profession; highlighting the value of FM and showcasing it as a career of choice. The winner will be invited to take part in a programme of activities.

> Read more about the ambassador programme here

The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.


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