This Award recognises the product or service that through its development and utilisation has had the most positive impact on facilities management provision.

Developing new products and services, or utilising existing ones in a new and innovative way, is a constant challenge in most organisations. It demands planning and engagement with customers and project teams. It invites research into industry best practice, often seeking inspiration and ideas from many aspects represented through the wide range of sectors and activities covered by facilities management.

The judges in this category are looking for evidence of how product and service development is managed in the business overall, and how this is targeted towards the ultimate benefit of the customer and end-user.

The reason for putting the product or service in for the Award must stand out. It needs the optimum level of information to be included in support of the submission, demonstrating real value to both those who use the product and those who benefit from its use.

From the Lead Judge, Mark Griffiths 

It’s an exciting time for FM, and we have seen this reflected in entries for the Innovation awards in recent years; technology is enabling our sector to take a leap forward in terms of the development of new products, and we’re expecting to see some great new developments here. As technology speeds up, and smooths out the basic functions and transactions, space opens up for people-focused services to go to the next level.

We’re hoping to see new ideas from FM service providers, suppliers or customer teams that are genuinely innovative and add value by improving service, reducing cost, or in other ways.  Entering this award is a great way to showcase your brilliant fresh ideas to the rest of the profession!

Who should enter?

Any organisation or individual within FM can enter this category. You could be an in-house FM, a service provider or a supplier of goods or services.

All products and services are considered with equal merit from the simplest and inexpensive to the most technically advanced. A product/service can be an object, tool, system or process. There is no prescriptive definition, allowing for a wide range of entries to be considered from in-house FM teams, FM service providers and suppliers to the industry alike.

The product or service must be clearly defined and able to be marketed and sold as a stand-alone solution within their overall business offering.

Application Questions 

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Please provide a clear description of the product/service, including how it is used and its scope and relevance within the industry. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  3. Please explain the need for the product/service within the business, how it aligns with strategy and supports operational requirements. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  4. Case study example(s): show how the product/service is integrated either into a business or into a specific project. How effective was the development process, implementation programme and utilisation? Include information on the cost/return on investment. What are the outcomes? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  5. Please explain the measures of success in the following areas: customer/end-user, financial, environmental/social. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  6. What is the business case for future investment and development? Please include an outline of future applications beyond current usage where applicable. Explain the relevance and applicability to the wider sector. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)

The written submission for this category is worth 40% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 60%.

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