2018 Finalists

This Award recognises the most innovative application of systems or technology in FM. Its scope is wide and can relate to service delivery, use of space, management of resources or any other area where technology has been employed to improve FM service delivery to the customer. The primary measure of success will be how the innovation improved the solution to a problem or challenge.

Finalists in the Innovation in Technology and Systems category of the BIFM Awards 2018 are:

BAM Facilities Management – Horus, Sentinel

BAM FM aim to deliver the best value for money FM Services to our clients and use technology to improve our performance, reliability and response times. At BAM we see the future of FM changing quite significantly, we feel IoT will begin to transform the FM landscape in both hard and soft FM spaces and consequently have introduced this technology in our facilities. The Sentinel is one such IoT device that BAM in conjunction with Horus has developed as an early warning system for all plant equipment failure such as HVAC’s, chillers, boilers etc. Sentinel constantly monitors the machine using a combination of thermal, vibration and acoustic measurement sensors with advanced algorithms that learn the characteristics of the machine. Deviations from the learned behaviour are assessed and an alert is issued wirelessly to BAM FM’s CAFM system when appropriate. As the sensor is an EDGE device that performs its big data functionality on–board at the edge of the clouds it only communicates when it needs to, i.e. when an anomaly is detected and measured. The Sentinel is a highly flexible, low cost, and valuable FM solution tool which BAM FM are proud to be working alongside Horus in developing.




Digital FM – The New Era, Emaar Facilities Management LLC

Emaar Properties is one of the world’s most valuable and admired real estate development companies. With proven competencies in properties, shopping malls & retail and hospitality & leisure, Emaar shapes new lifestyles with a focus on design excellence, build quality and timely delivery. Established in 1997, Emaar Properties is a pioneering developer of integrated master-planned communities and Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and a global icon.

Burj Khalifa saw the transformation from a traditional planned and preventative maintenance regime to an IoT-enabled maintenance solution, in line with Emaar’s IoT strategic objectives. The solution connects Burj Khalifa’s HVAC sensors to the Cloud platform using building analytics and a predictive maintenance program. The new system allows to optimize maintenance costs, increase asset reliability and maximize on capital investments. The smart solution involves collating real-time field data, identifying anomalies and pushing this data to the Cloud for analysis with smart algorithms hence allowing break through predictive and prescriptive maintenance. In addition, the system also automates and optimizes routine tasks. The headline results of the implemented project include asset KPIs: availability of asset, ≥99.55%; and asset reliability at 95.97%. Cost KPIs: reducing unplanned maintenance, ≤15%; and reduction of total maintenance hours by 40%. This innovative approach has provided significant operational and economic benefits allowing Burj Khalifa and the EAM team to set yet another global benchmark in building maintenance.



ISS Waste Manager, ISS Facility Services (UK) Ltd

Taking inspiration from Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber, ISS saw an opportunity to reshape the FM approach to waste. ISS Waste Manager presents a controlled, yet agile operating environment for waste solutions within FM managing services across 7000 locations, 130 clients, 6 countries and engaging over 50 supply chain partners. Contract teams, customers and suppliers are able to engage directly and transparently enabling complex solutions within a simple environment.

ISS Waste Manager has enabled ISS to undertake benchmarking across locations, sectors and service lines drawing out powerful data sets which have been used to deliver significant operational, commercial and environmental efficiencies. Using data insights produced, ISS have been able to evidence and replicate excellence concepts across clients whose locations extend outside the UK.

At ISS, we see technology and the data it produces as an opportunity to achieve powerful, positive and environmentally sustainable performance for our clients. We are constantly looking to further develop and harness technology to meet future needs. From waste data straight from the supplier’s truck, to deploying sensors to monitor waste sources, we believe we have developed an innovation which is helping to reshape our service within FM.



Workplace Collaboration Hubs, Matrix Booking

The recent evolution of workplaces and working practices has meant an unprecedented change in the way workers interact with their estates and systems.  It is no longer sufficient to provide systems that assist in optimising a single organisation and its resources. The new challenge is to build  dynamic networks of resources that are open and secure, providing users with a wider choice of resources and locations from which to choose their ideal working environment.

As a result of this new demand, Matrix Booking took a decision in 2016 to invest in the development of new innovative functionality to fundamentally change the way the industry views resource management systems.
Matrix Booking developed the innovative Matrix Booking Workplace Collaboration Hub technology, which as a result presents organisations with the ability to provide this new network of choice for their users while introducing a new level of resource usage optimisation for facilities professionals.

As a direct result of this technology there are thousands of civil servants in the UK today that can access over 100 public sector sites through a simple, secure web or mobile application.
This unique architecture is enabling the hubs revolution across the public and private sectors in the UK.



Digital Transformation – Business Operations, Qwest Services 

In 2015 Qwest Services was formed as a joint Venture company between ENGIE, and Cheshire West and Chester Council.   Qwest Services provide high quality services from facilities management, property solutions, project management, customer services and digital transformation services, the Qwest framework is a compelling option for local authorities and companies.  Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Qwest with successfully supporting the local community.

The BIFM finalist project focused on transforming the current range of activities and methods of delivery within the Business Operations function in order for Qwest to deliver the service more efficiently and within pricing of the JV for their Local Authority client.

Through its in-house digital transformation team Qwest already had the knowledge and expertise around a number of platforms.  Due to the needs of the client it was decided to use the Firmstep CRM platform.

This project has been a major success helping to achieve efficiency savings of 45% within Business Operations whilst improving contractual KPI performance and customer satisfaction levels.  Across the industry countless hours are wasted using ‘old school’ processes, this platform allows for that element of time to be cut out with more focus on the customer and their request.





From the Lead Judge, Ross Abbate

Ross Abbate

Technology is changing our world dramatically. Being an engineer, technology has been a major part of my career and I am always passionate to see how technology is used to innovate.

Our industry is predominately labour intensive, therefore by innovating, through the use of technology and systems, we will able to continue to further develop our profession, and improve service for our customers and business.

We are looking for disruptive innovations, something that is truly different.

Demonstrate to us the benefits, tell us how your system, technology or invention was developed and who was involved.  How did your great idea come to life? Do its advantages make it a worthwhile spend? How will you take it forward?

The winner of the category will be recognised as a truly innovative individual or organisation, one who is at the forefront out our profession.

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