Impact on Customer Experience: Category previews 

Customer experience is created from a culmination of a multitude of customer touch points, throughout the customer journey and over the term of the relationship. Whilst traditional customer service might focus on the direct physical and virtual interaction with customers, customer experience considers the entire lifecycle of a customer and all factors that could impact their awareness, understanding, attraction, purchase, service and advocacy of a brand or product/service.

Organisations that proactively design, manage, monitor and adapt their customer journey often see both financial and brand affinity rewards through increased customer acquisition, retention and recommendations. To be effective, the responsibility for customer experience management rarely resides solely with just one department as it requires a coordinated effort from across an organisation. FM is a vital part of that customer experience and can play a significant role in using innovative tools, practices and measures to enhance the customer experience.

Finalists in the Impact on Customer Experience category of the BIFM Awards 2016 are:

Amey, A valuable network of Customer Experience Leaders 

‘Providing value to our customers’ is one of Amey’s six corporate objectives and promotes a customer-centric ethos across our business. This common culture is continually reviewed from a strategic perspective and filters down to the very people who deliver Amey’s services.

Amey’s network of Customer Experience Leaders, supported by our centralised Customer Experience team, enhance their skills and give “a great understanding and better knowledge of “customer” and what it means to not only our contracts but our industry” – Customer Experience Leader. Their promise is to promote the importance of customer experience, to provide a platform for sharing best practice, to inspire local teams to enhance their delivery strategy and to ultimately work with all our customers to achieve their aims.

This valuable network has enabled a cultural change in customer experience and 2016 survey results have reached record highs, with 88.46% of the company’s CELs strongly agreeing that the network had supported their contract in increasing focus on customer service and improve the service they deliver to the end-user.

Carillion Customer Experience Centre

Carillion’s story isn’t about how they’ve delighted Customers on one site, or one contract, or how they’ve improved Customer experience within a single project. Instead, it’s the story of how they’ve transformed Customer experience for Carillion’s hundreds of facilities management Clients and the vast numbers of people that work in, shop in, visit or use in any way the tens of thousands of buildings and sites Carillion maintain and support every day. It’s the story of how they’ve made a profound positive impact on the lives of those people though putting great Customer experience at the heart of facilities management.

Delivering a great FM service has been a core strength for many years: Carillion won “Innovation in Customer Service” at the 2011 BIFM awards for an early version of our “ServExcel” model, and our Customer Experience Centre (CEC) was highly commended in the “Impact on Customer Experience” category in 2015. The Carillion story for 2016 explains how all this has come together into an organisation-wide Customer experience model, centred in the CEC, that is industry leading, a unique differentiator, and something to be incredibly proud of.

The Carillion Customer Experience Centre: the heartbeat of Carillion.

CIS Security Limited, Safe, Happy, Informed and Listened to

CIS challenged themselves to raise the customer service standards in their sector, committing to six key areas. The resulting Customer Experience program yielded significantly increased customer and end-user satisfaction scores and promoted a culture of continuous improvement amongst staff through a bedrock of quality engagement.

CIS, who are placed as one of the top five independent security companies in the UK, developed this specific customer experience change program to elevate standards from end to end with the integration of an effective digital end-user feedback mechanism to close the circle.

When it comes to results, CIS have the numbers. They have seen a 10% increase in customer satisfaction against last year, with clients bearing testimony to seeing significant improvements in the efficiency of staff overall and also in the quality of company communications to staff, clients and end users. As part of their mission to “Reflect those we serve”, CIS are also championing an initiative to bring more females into the industry in an effort to diversify and balance their teams. To date they have managed an increase of 3% since the launch last year, putting them on track to achieve their goal of 20% females by 2020.

Crown Commercial Service – Facilities Management Category Team, FM Services Framework

Crown Commercial Service are one of the biggest public procurement organisations in Europe. They help organisations across the whole of the public sector find the right commercial solutions for around £12 billion spend annually. Covering everything from locum doctors and electricity to laptops and police cars, the company’s customers include NHS trusts, local authorities, police & emergency services, education, government departments and charities across the UK.

The Crown Commercial Service FM supply chain accounts for 80%+ of current CG Market share, with new initiatives in the pipeline to refresh their Estates Professional Services offer, establish a new Security Services capability and work more closely with Energy suppliers to develop complementary products, linking FM with the Energy performance sector.

As an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office, Crown Commercial Service also lead on developing and implementing the UK’s public sector procurement policy and delivering government’s commercial policy priorities.

Their goal is to help their customers save £2 billion between 2016 and 2020

They cover:

• technology: cloud and digital, network services, software and technology products and services
• corporate services: travel, fleet, office supplies, information and content management, communications and financial services
• buildings: FM, maintenance and repair, utilities and fuel
• people: permanent and temporary staff (including clinical staff), outsourced services and advisory services

Mitie 1team and Vodafone, Our journey to World Class through Customer Experience

Mitie’s 1team has had a significant impact on the customer experience at Vodafone by developing a number of impressive initiatives since 2015 which bring service excellence to the fore. By prioritising an alignment of their own strategy to Vodafone’s and setting a clear promise for customer service excellence from each individual service line the team have worked to build on defining a world-class road map to success.

Marked improvements in the standard of service experienced by the customers at Vodafone are demonstrated by the achievement of hospitality assured accreditation, with impressive first time scores for both the headquarters and regional offices. Another example is the introduction of customer experience surveys which are also used to benchmark the Net Promoter Score.

The creation of roles focused on providing brilliant service, the customer experience managers and the customer experience director, have provided the direction needed to achieve the 1team’s goals with their ‘CORE’ strategy of commitment, ownership, responsibility and excellence.

The team continues to work on innovative ideas, to further their progress with a sense of shared ownership between the different service lines. This entry describes the 1team’s journey to work on their objectives and the pleasing results their effort has achieved.

Premier Technical Services Group PLC

With 12,000 customers and delivering specialist access and safety services, electrical and lightning protection services, high level cleaning and training solutions across more than 150,000 assets, Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) was recognised as one of Europe’s leading organisations for customer service in 2015.

There is nothing more powerful than the PTSG team’s passion and initiative to make and keep our customers happy. PTSG is only as great as the people who embody their mission to deliver a truly Memorable, Outstanding, Unique, Service Experience. It is PTSG people who go above and beyond to see our customers succeed. That is why PSTG works to empower every one of them to get out there and to engage, educate and inspire their customers and business prospects – telling the PSTG story and delivering a great service across the UK and overseas.

PSTG employ more than 450 people across 16 UK-wide service centres. Their operatives can be deployed to most UK locations within an hour – making the company one of the most responsive businesses of their kind in the FM and construction sectors. Their new bespoke software, Clarity, has been designed to help deliver an even better level of service now and in the future.

If the recent past at PTSG has been very good, customers can be assured of a superb future together.


From the Lead Judge, Andy Kelly 

AndyCustomer Experience needs to be paramount in the FM vision, mission and strategy of delivering exceptional services. In a very demanding market competitive edge is gained by those companies who truly understand their customers’ needs and plan proactively not only to meet the expectations of their customers but to continually exceed them. Understanding the critical factors that drive service excellence is a given if any organisation that wants to be successful in retaining and attracting new customers.

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