The Impact on Environment Award seeks to identify and reward innovative environmental initiatives that can objectively demonstrate the positive impact achieved on the organisation and society at large.

Entries must relate to projects, services or innovations that have been successfully implemented, for which proven (evidenced) benefits and outcomes can be shown. Remember care for the environment is about more than just energy and waste management – procedures for which are now standard across many organisations.

The judges expect to see objective evidence of the practical implementation of environmentally friendly FM practices and their impact (including any economic and/or wider societal implications). The means of measuring the impact of the initiative(s) implemented is down to the entrant but it should be based around a methodology that uses environmental, economic and social principles.

From the Lead Judge, Mike Packham

Mike Packham 2018 promises to be as eventful as 2017 in terms of the environmental agenda – already the impact of China’s decision to ban the import of waste products is starting to be felt.  This and the other exciting environmental challenges that FM’s face on a daily basis is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

What we are looking for with this award is to capture and disseminate to a wider audience the measures that have been adopted to convert that excitement into realistic environmental achievement – both within the context of the organisation itself and in relation to wider society.



Who should enter? 

Entries are open to individuals, organisations, in-house teams, service providers and suppliers to the industry, but critically must have demonstrable results. Please do not submit an entry in this category for projects that are planned or are in development, in the process of being implemented, launched or are aspirational.

Application Questions 

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Please explain what care for the environment means to the organisation, and how the FM team developed the initiative(s) using the organisation’s environmental ‘profile’ as a starting point. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  3. Please explain the objectively measured impact that implementation of the initiative(s) has had on the FM team, the organisation and wider society, using at least one ‘real life’ Please include details of the methodology(ies) used to calculate the ’quantum’ of that impact. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  4. How was the initiative implemented by the FM team? (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  5. Please provide details of feedback received from customers/end users/clients as demonstration of successful implementation of the initiatives. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)


The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.

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