2018 Finalists

The Impact on Environment Award seeks to identify and reward innovative environmental initiatives that can objectively demonstrate the positive impact achieved on the organisation and society at large.

Entries must relate to projects, services or innovations that have been successfully implemented, for which proven (evidenced) benefits and outcomes can be shown. Remember care for the environment is about more than just energy and waste management – procedures for which are now standard across many organisations.

Finalists in the Impact on the Environment category of the BIFM Awards 2018 are:

International Commerce Centre, Kai Shing Manangement Services Limited

Kai Shing-ICC, the facility management team of ICC, believes in the sustainable development ideal and runs our management operation accordingly. Outside our own operation, we also help promote the sustainability concept in Hong Kong and China by sharing our professional knowhow of running a mega size building with others inside and outside of the real estate sector, including students.
The resources expended on operating a 118-storey tall building with a GFA of 3 million sq. ft is enormous and will have significant negative impacts on the environment if the building is not operated conscientiously based on a strong belief and parallel practices in sustainable development.

Over the years, Kai Shing-ICC has diligently maintained and retro-fitted the intelligent system to make sure that ICC truly deserves its reputation as the largest green commercial building in Hong Kong. Through our efforts, our recycling and environmentally protection work is on the increase year on year inversely proportional to our energy consumption and CO2 emission. This we are very proud of and we will not let that work ethics and achievement slip away. The work must go on.


Integration of sustainable business practice into core property management services, M J Mapp

M J Mapp is the UK’s leading commercial property and asset management specialist, managing property with a combined value approaching £9bn. Sustainable business practice is one of our three core business objectives alongside being a great place to work and providing exceptional service to clients.

Over the past five years, we have built a specialist team capable of moving M J Mapp toward our ambition of becoming a truly sustainable business.

All sites within our portfolio are managed in accordance with, and are certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard. We believe this to be a unique approach within the property management industry and one adopted in recognition that our biggest risks and opportunities around environmental management lie in our property management activities, not in our corporate operations.

Non-financial performance reports are produced and analysed to identify areas where environmental performance might be improved. Our aim is to help clients identify investment opportunities that deliver efficiencies, reduce operation costs, and attract or retain tenants. We also work with carefully selected partners to give us visibility over performance and the means to exploit identified opportunities.

We are active participants in industry groups where we have the opportunity to work collaboratively with property owners and managers to share best practice and raise standards in the industry.



Journey to Deep Green, Skanska

Skanska’s purpose ‘We build for a better society’ means we are committed to making an active contribution to a green society. Our FM contracts strive to have well maintained, healthy buildings, that improve the performance of the people that use them.

Throughout the entire facilities maintenance process we embrace green. We analyse products and technologies to incorporate more sustainable options in our processes and delivery methods. By measuring how green we are, we can accurately assess what we do and find ways to improve our environmental performance.

Over the years, we have been investing and developing our environmental expertise and training our employees to use the latest technology and innovations. This has helped us to establish our position as one of the UK’s leading green contractors. This was endorsed when the team won the Sustainable FM Index Awards 2017, an award that focuses on sustainable performance and delivery of targets.

An example of our work is the Skanska Waste Management Service (SWMS), which is an innovative waste management and behavioural change programme implemented at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SFHT). Its main purpose is to create a culture that continually looks to improve waste management on the contract through compliance, waste reduction and cost savings.

The programme educates and trains all employees, patients and members of the public on how to manage and segregate waste correctly.



Carbon Management Programme, University of Oxford

The Carbon Management Programme delivers the University’s Carbon Management Strategy. It seeks to make significant cuts to the University’s carbon emissions whilst engaging staff and students and feeding back data and lessons learned into the higher education sector and wider industry networks. The programme has fostered new partnerships between staff, students, the city council and industry.

The degree of stakeholder engagement makes it distinctive, and the projects within are designed to empower users by transferring skills and knowledge.

The University has set an ambitious target to reduce scope one and two carbon emissions by 33% by the end of 2020 from 2005/06 levels. It has already saved an estimated 6,256 tonnes of CO2 and £1.5m of annual energy costs. Over 205 completed projects include solar photovoltaic systems, lighting upgrades, building management system optimization, building system upgrades and roof insulation.

This programme benefits the whole University as it reduces both carbon taxes and energy costs, which come out of departmental budgets. The projects improve user experience and also contribute towards funding applications where laboratories in particular can demonstrate high-level environmental control. Lessons learned are communicated back to the University’s capital projects team, who take them into account when designing new buildings.



The ethical clearance process, Waste to Wonder

For over ten years Waste to Wonder has been the only specialist ethical clearance organisation in the UK. Our ethos is very simple, to follow the government mantra of Reduce Reuse Recycle, with an emphasis on the Reuse of furniture and equipment.

We provide a seamless process for facility managers to support hundreds of charitable organisations and schools within the UK. The international programme ‘School in a Box’ (40ft shipping container) has further acted as the conduit for companies to support over 700 schools in 18 countries.

We bring measurable cost-saving benefits to our clients in addition to simply recycling redundant furniture, as we do not for the charge recycling of any donated items. Auditability, Corporate Social Responsibility, concise reports and carbon measurement are a standard part of the process. Where appropriate a filmed case study is also produced to make the process an obvious choice.

Projects can range from 20 to 5000 workstations, including auxiliary items such as cupboards, pedestals and chairs. We are typically redistributing up to 80% by volume to charities and schools.

Take a look at www.wastetowonder.com where demonstrability speaks a thousand words.

From the Lead Judge, Mike Packham

Mike Packham

2018 promises to be as eventful as 2017 in terms of the environmental agenda – already the impact of China’s decision to ban the import of waste products is starting to be felt.  This and the other exciting environmental challenges that FM’s face on a daily basis is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

What we are looking for with this award is to capture and disseminate to a wider audience the measures that have been adopted to convert that excitement into realistic environmental achievement – both within the context of the organisation itself and in relation to wider society.

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