2018 Finalists 

This award is for the in-house team that is leading the way in supporting, promoting and, ultimately, transforming the employee experience within their organisation. The judges will be seeking evidence of the success of the initiative and its impact on employee experience, verifying that excellent FM practice and performance and management has influenced the outcome. Third party feedback is welcomed.

Finalists in the Impact on Employee Experience category of the BIFM Awards 2018 are:

intu, Impact on Employee Experience

Our purpose is to put a smile on the faces of our customers by creating the very best shopping centre experiences. Our unifying thought, we make joy, is an important part of the intu difference through which we encourage all our employees to look at things differently and creatively, to consider carefully and act boldly and genuinely.

We know that if our employees are engaged, empowered and joyful, then they will help our customers to feel their best too. Putting the customer at the heart of everything we do is in our blood.

Through our world class service programme, we develop our employees and we measure our success through our customer feedback platform, Tell intu. We also recognise the contributions of our employees through our unique Win Your Dream reward and recognition programme.

These aspects are at the heart of our employee experience, and as such they are core to our employee experience award entry.




The impact of Wellbeing on performance at the frontline of Facilities Management, Manchester Metropolitan University

In 2016, the Facilities Management Team were tasked to reduce costs and sickness absence, whilst increasing staff productivity and staff engagement. A significant challenge for a service seeing little change for many years, with high costs for the sector and a workforce largely made up of part-time shift workers.

Introducing flow-cleaning methodologies alongside a Wellbeing programme, Facilities team members were surveyed prior to the programme, and again after a year to measure any changes using an independent wellbeing organisation, Drummond HR, ensuring robustness, confidentiality and impartiality.

The results have been impressive:

  • Sickness absence down by 9%
  • 19% more staff are satisfied with the terms and conditions of employment despite no changes to their T&Cs during this period
  • Savings of over £600,000 per annum in staff costs, bringing the University into the lower quartile of its benchmark group
  • Customer satisfaction remains high, increasing from 84% to 87%

Wellbeing continues to grow, with the formation of a Wellbeing Committee of volunteers representing their colleagues to ensure there is something for everyone – from darts to poetry, pottery to Zumba, and self-help sessions around sleep, nutrition and alcohol awareness.

Wellbeing will be measured annually to ensure continuous improvement across Facilities teams, bringing added benefits to the wider University community.



From the Lead Judge, David Sharp 

Many in-house (client) teams are leading the way in demonstrating how FM can transform the employee experience in their organisation. We are really keen to hear how they add value, influence workplace strategy, employee wellbeing, culture and the overall productivity of their business. I am thrilled to be the lead judge on this category because it will highlight not only the winner but also so much of what is amazing about our profession.



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