Finalists’ previews

This category is seeking leading edge facilities management that is working to maximise the productive potential of their organisation’s workforce through delivering excellent employee experience.

Employers that proactively prioritise and manage employee experience see it as a fundamental aspect of their strategy to retain and maximise the performance of their workforce. The full employee experience is made from a variety of touch points across the organisation from the technological tools in place to do your job, the physical environment in which you work and the cultural environment.

In this award we focus on the physical environment, the place where employees spend the majority of their time, influencing how they can communicate, collaborate, socialise, manage their health and wellbeing, how they feel and do their job productively.

Finalists in the Impact on Employee Experience category of the BIFM Awards 2017 are:

GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with Sodexo and CBRE, Service Standardisation Programme

GSK is a global healthcare company with over 100,000 employees working in 782 properties in 115 countries. In partnership with its service partners Sodexo and CBRE, GSK delivered a service standardisation programme across all amenities and scientific support services at its R&D and corporate sites in the UK, US and Asia Pacific regions.

In 2015, GSK undertook a combination of literature and primary research in 2015.  GSK used the customer effort score survey results about ease of engagement with our services and speed of problem resolution – to evaluate the performance of our services and to construct actionable insights. The team prioritized services to be standardised according to customer effort scoring and executed over an eighteen (18) month period.

The 24 services in scope entered with a total of 133 sub services which were being delivered inconsistently across the GSK portfolio.  As a result, services were potentially being delivered in over 2,000 different ways across sites and regions.

After programme completion, those services deliver in one standardised way. GSK reduced the time and effort required for employees to access the services they need, improved employee satisfaction levels, and reduced service costs in line with organizational objectives.


Johnson & Johnson, 2020 Workplace experience strategy

Caring for the world – one person at a time – has inspired and united the people of J&J since its inception in 1886. The Credo challenges the global FM team to put the needs and wellbeing of the people they serve first. Underpinning the Workplace Experience Strategy is the vision to deliver the best workplaces to aid collaboration, innovation and growth, while harmonising the global portfolio so every employee and visitor gets a true J&J experience.

As part of the Workplace Experience Strategy, J&J has rolled out three tools to help to evaluate, manage and harmonise workplace experiences worldwide. When J&J defines the workplace experience, it encompasses all factors that touch employees including communication and engagement, easy access to building information and employee wellbeing. This innovative approach has already proven to improve employee satisfaction, perceived productivity, not to mention talent attraction and retention.

The J&J Credo to care for each and every person as part of the family is more than just a moral standpoint. It’s also a recipe for business success. The fact that Johnson & Johnson is one of only a handful of companies that have flourished through more than a century of change is proof of that.


Landsec with Bennett Hay: Employee wellbeing strategy

Landsec is the largest commercial property company in the UK with a vision to be the best in the eyes of its customers, communities, partners and employees. As property developers, owners and managers across London and the UK, Landsec’s own head office needed to be a visionary place to work and reflect the values and goals of the business.

Bespoke hospitality provider Bennett Hay specialises in guest, food and wellbeing services and workplace support. Bennett Hay began working on Landsec’s new head office 12 months before the launch in early 2017, to shape the wellbeing solutions and employee experience in the new building.

Landsec wanted to lead the way in employee experience, creating an inspirational, engaging and productive space in which to work, offering a sense of enhanced wellbeing to their people. To do this, Bennett Hay worked with Landsec to shape a new approach to guest experience and wellbeing, for both their employees, clients and visitors to the site.

The post occupancy survey, conducted by Leesman, the world’s largest measure of workplace effectiveness, saw a 37% increase in Landsec employees who believed the new workplace enables them to work productively.



PPL, AKA Project Nirvana

Established in 1934, PPL exists to ensure that those who invest their time, talent and money to make music are fairly paid for their work. Since 2011, PPL’s budgeted headcount has increased from 255 to 301 and at the start of 2015 desk capacity was 305. However, with several projects ongoing, there was no spare desk capacity and so the need arose to convert two meeting rooms into work areas. It was not possible to accommodate such additional headcount in the office and there were challenges in terms of the general facilities. These pressures on the office environment had a consequential negative effect on staff. The 2015 employee engagement survey saw a 10% decline in employee satisfaction resulting in only 69% of employees satisfied with their physical working environment. Such dissatisfaction impacts staff productivity and retention. Engaging employees in the process of the office refurbishment meant that all PPL employees could remain in one building, making it easier to interact and maintain a consistent company culture and improving the employee experience.   The outcome, 85% of employees are now at least satisfied with the physical working environment.

VINCImouchel Ltd and Lincolnshire County Council, “ONE Team” –  uniting employees to transform Lincolnshire’s property services

This entry showcases how three partner organisations (Lincolnshire County Council, VINCI Facilities and Mouchel) united their workforces to create a first-class employee culture which puts collaboration and communication at its core.

Lincolnshire County Council is the UK’s fourth-largest County council, responsible for the property services and FM of 500+ properties. Aware that a service is only as good as the team delivering it, we adopted a ‘ONE team’ approach between the Council and its Supplier with the vision of creating a sector-leading workforce experience.

Staff satisfaction on the contract significantly improved across all metric areas and our energised and empowered workforce have gone on to transform the standards of the county’s property management operations. The project team have achieved savings of over £1m to date, whilst also exceeding on all other key performance indicators.  Together this highly engaged and productive unit has successfully realised the Council’s visions and objectives, delivering an unprecedented level of service for Lincolnshire’s 715,000 residents.


From the Lead Judge, Martin Pickard

 Creating and maintaining an enabling workplace environment can help organisations realise greater value from their workforce. By focussing on the employee experience, and creating the very best environment and services possible it enables employees to be at their best and most productive.

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