Customer experience is created from a culmination of a multitude of customer touch points, throughout the customer journey and over the term of the relationship. Whilst traditional customer service might focus on the direct physical and virtual interaction with customers, customer experience considers the entire lifecycle of a customer and all factors that could impact their awareness, understanding, attraction, purchase, service and advocacy of a brand or product/service.

Organisations who proactively design, manage, monitor and adapt their customer journey often see both financial and brand affinity rewards through increased customer retention and recommendations.

To be effective, the responsibility for customer experience management rarely resides solely with just one department as it requires a coordinated effort from across an organisation. FM is a vital part of that customer experience and can play a significant role in using innovative tools, practices and measures to enhance the customer experience.

From the Lead Judge, Andy Kelly

AndyThe Customer Experience needs to be paramount in the FM vision, mission and strategy of delivering exceptional services. In a very demanding market the competitive edge is gained by those companies who truly understand their customers’ needs and plan proactively not only to meet the expectations of their customers but to continually exceed them. Understanding the critical factors that drive service excellence is a given for any organisation that wants to be successful in retaining and attracting new customers.

In this category we will be seeking the very best examples of organisations that have managed to meet their business objectives and deliver outstanding customer experience.

Who should enter? 

Inhouse and outsourced FM service providers, organisations or businesses who can clearly demonstrate customer experience best practice.


Application Questions 

  1. Please write an executive summary of your entry.
  2. Please demonstrate the rationale for change; the challenge that existed and the clarity of the business case to undertake the project, the insight and understanding of the requirement of how it needed to change. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  3. Please explain the approach taken: Evidence of the aims and objectives of the project and the relevance of the approach including any challenges faced and how these were overcome. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  4. Clearly demonstrate the aims and objectives of the overall customer experience programme and the FM role and objectives within it and how it impacted the customer experience. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  5. Provide evidence of organisation-wide collaboration with other parties involved in delivering the customer experience. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)
  6. Provide results and evidence of success; the difference made to the overall customer experience with performance measures, customer experience metrics and evidence of positive change and overall impact on the organisation. (Question is worth 20% of the overall score)

The written submission for this category is worth 25% of the overall score. The presentation round is worth 75%.

Presentations for this category will take place in Central London on 19th June, please hold this date. 



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