Finalists’ previews

Customer experience is created from a culmination of a multitude of customer touch points, throughout the customer journey and over the term of the relationship. Whilst traditional customer service might focus on the direct physical and virtual interaction with customers, customer experience considers the entire lifecycle of a customer and all factors that could impact their awareness, understanding, attraction, purchase, service and advocacy of a brand or product/service.

Organisations that proactively design, manage, monitor and adapt their customer journey often see both financial and brand affinity rewards through increased customer acquisition, retention and recommendations. To be effective, the responsibility for customer experience management rarely resides solely with just one department as it requires a coordinated effort from across an organisation. FM is a vital part of that customer experience and can play a significant role in using innovative tools, practices and measures to enhance the customer experience.

Finalists in the Impact on Customer Experience category of the BIFM Awards 2017 are:

Broadgate Estates, Enabling remarkable places to perform

Broadgate Estates

Broadgate Estates’ approach starts and ends with people. They seek to deliver unrivalled service and value for their customers, ensuring the people within their managed places and spaces and the communities surrounding them, feel safe, happy, and energised.

Every building and every community is different, and Broadgate Estates’ teams endeavour to walk in their customers’ shoes and make the most of every interaction, to ensure the experience received reflects the customer’s needs and wants; no individual is the same, and so no location managed by Broadgate Estates is the same. What is always consistent, however, is quality.

Broadgate Estates don’t distinguish between tenants, occupiers or visitors because the success of any location is determined by the person using it. In providing a best in class customer experience, through every touchpoint (online, the physical welcome, the point of service delivery, engagement with enlivenment, leaving the site, and feedback), Broadgate Estates aims to build a connection with the building or campus brand. In doing so they nurture an emotional attachment with the location, which encourages customers to return, and thus they enable remarkable places to perform.


Landsec, Aspire As One

LandSec Aspire as OneLandsec set out in 2015 to improve the customer experience across our property portfolio. Looking at where the greatest impact would be it became evident that those people who come into contact with our Customers more than any others are our service partners.

Engineers, cleaners, security, front of house are among those that meet, greet and look after our customers on a daily basis, by making this team stronger, more empowered, more collaborative and confident and knowing they have the full support of their other service partners allows them to provide a better more bespoke service and improve the experience.

For Aspire to work, in reality and not just forced or lip service, it was important this was a joint venture between all services partners, and not solely a Landsec directive, clear objectives were set, and a governance document was created to highlight this joint approach at 3 key levels; Aspire Ambassadors – On the ground teams, Aspire Operating Board – Middle management to get things done, Aspire Steering Board – MD/CEO’s to drive strategy.

Aspire has grown organically, naturally over time as people have seen it work. By forging genuine friendships and communities across service partners has created a real Aspire family feeling.


Macro, Emirates Air Line

Macro runs the entire operations of the popular cable car, the Emirates Air Line on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), providing front of house services, security and maintenance since its completion in 2012.

When Macro was awarded the contract it was unprecedented for them and for the industry. As the first ever urban cable car in the UK, there were no systems or procedures in place which meant that Macro’s appointment has included defining the client’s vision to create a fully managed and reliable service for customers.

The hard work and commitment of Macro and the wider project team to make the Emirates Air Line one of London’s most visited transport experiences has been a great success. With over eight million passengers in that time the results really speak for themselves. Sales have increased year on year as a direct result of the improved guest experience but more importantly than this customers have continued to feedback their delight in the experience.

And the improvements Macro has made are not just external facing. Leading the team internally is a very big part of their success. In the past five years their hard work in engaging teams and stakeholders has paid off with the highest response rate for employee engagement standing at 88%, reduced recorded sickness and a low turnover of staff.


Mosanada FMS, Redefining Customer Experience in the Gulf

Mosanada distinguishes itself in a market where FM customer service is too often narrow and transactional, by cutting against the status quo. Its success is driven in part by the design of a holistic customer experience that is broad and sustained over multiple touch points. In order to maximise the lifecycle of clients’ assets, Mosanada realises that customer experience must be proactively considered over the full duration of the client relationship.

The aims and objectives of Mosanada’s customer experience initiatives are to specifically address the challenges inherent in the market and introduce best practice FM to Qatar. Mosanada’s suite of customer experience initiatives is varied and diverse. Over a number of years, it has been managed, monitored, adapted, and added to on a needs and results-based analysis.

Mosanada is at the forefront of FM practice in Qatar and their customer experience strategy has led to: customers becoming more aware of FM delivery and its purpose; customers having time to manage and monitor their Facilities from beyond the office environment; end users enjoying uninterrupted use of the prestigious and high quality Facilities.

OCS Group, Challenging for Change

The OCS Group is the FM expertise behind the delivery of the disabled passenger assistance service at 25 of the world’s largest airports. This service helps three million disabled customers globally every year. The submission for the BIFM Impact on Customer Experience category is based upon OCS Group’s thought leadership in the arena of disabled passenger assistance and on the impact of report ‘Challenging for Change’. The aim of this new approach was to ascertain exactly what the service-user needed in order to meet the critical demands that drive excellence in disability access. This included finding out about how people with disabilities feel about the service in order to help OCS exceed expectations.

The objectives were to identify areas to improve the user experience and boost confidence in the ability to deliver on accessibility requirements. To achieve these aims and objectives OCS Group commissioned an independent piece of research by one of the UKs leading experts in disability rights, Kay Allen OBE.

The findings of the report informed the new strategy, driving forward changes to service, delivery of training and influenced a wide range of stakeholders to improve the aviation industry as a whole.


Robertson Facilities Management, working in partnership with Teesside University 

Fusion Hive interiors with wall graphics

Robertson Facilities Management provides a variety of FM services to Teesside University, ensuring great experiences across the estate, which includes The Forge on Darlington Campus, Central Halls in Middlesbrough, Fusion Hive in Stockton and Saltersgill Sports Pavilion.

Training & consultancy centre
The Forge is a centre for businesses and entrepreneurs that forms part of the University’s Darlington Campus. Robertson provides grounds maintenance and soft FM services, ensuring an enjoyable environment to learn and develop.

Student accommodation
At Central Halls, the University’s aim was to enhance the student experience and the standard of accommodation plays an important role in this. Robertson has ensured that Central Halls is highly regarded by students and has helped to attract students to the vibrant region of Teesside.

Business incubator
Fusion Hive is an exciting new facility on Stockton’s Northshore, providing a hub of innovation for ambitious technology companies. Here, Robertson provides front-of-house, catering and hospitality services, planned and reactive M&E, grounds maintenance and energy services while fostering a sense of community among the many tenanted local businesses.

Saltersgill Pavilion provides sports facilities for students –  delivering grounds maintenance, caretaking and security.


From the Lead Judge, Andy Kelly

 Customer Experience needs to be paramount in the FM vision, mission and strategy of delivering exceptional services. In a very demanding market, competitive edge is gained by those companies who truly understand their customers’ needs and plan proactively not only to meet the expectations of their customers but to continually exceed them. Understanding the critical factors that drive service excellence is a given for any organisation that wants to be successful in retaining and attracting new customers.

In this category we will be seeking the very best examples of FM that have managed to meet their business objectives and deliver outstanding customer experience.

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