Thinking of entering the BIFM Awards? Here’s some inspiration from our Innovation in Technology and Systems 2017 winner:

AstraZeneca, Macclesfield Campus, was named Innovation in Technology and Systems Winner at the 2017 BIFM Awards.

AstraZenca’s FM team needed to create a longer-term system to help alleviate the time spent allocating meeting rooms, fixing technical issues and allocating desk space. In collaboration with its IS/IT teams, the FM team established a suite of innovative, state-of- the-art systems and tools to ensure effective space planning and monitoring, an FM service catalogue uplift and an enhanced service provision to the customer.

The new technology reduced the number of manual interventions needed by the FM team, to give them more time to upskill and focus on greater value-adding activities, through a multi-faceted approach to employee interaction, from employee-to- employee to client facing relationships.

Touch-screen digital signage was installed throughout the buildings, enabling efficient, on-demand and intuitive ways of organising desks, meeting rooms and people. The system enables staff to function effectively and efficiently on real time and is now being rolled out globally across the business.

Here’s AstraZeneca’s winning interview from the BIFM Awards’ ceremony  2017.

This Award recognises the most innovative application of systems or technology in FM. Its scope is wide and can relate to service delivery, use of space, management of resources or any other area where technology has been employed to improve FM service delivery to the customer. The primary measure of success will be how the innovation improved the solution to a problem or challenge.

As the category’s Lead Judge, Lucy Jeynes suggests: “Innovation is about working smarter. We’re looking for innovations that improve service for customers. Finalists will be able to show us the benefits, tell us how their system, technology or invention was developed and who was involved. They will also be able to show how a great idea come to life, how its advantages make it a worthwhile spend, and how they plan to take it forward.”

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